在所有的饮食阿德里安娜罗斯·约翰逊分析的一个共同点是,“我们成为更现代,成为我们的病情加重了,”她说,一个假设。 (来源:Malloreigh / Flickr的)在所有的饮食阿德里安娜罗斯·约翰逊分析的一个共同点是,“我们成为更现代,成为我们的病情加重了,”她说,一个假设。 (来源:Malloreigh / Flickr的)

人们不读的减肥食谱只是为了减肥。 他们作为一个更美好的世界既“神话手册”,当代的减肥食谱新分析表明。

“饮食的书是关于我们来自哪里,我们现在是谁,我们应该去的故事”艾德丽安罗斯·约翰逊,在斯坦福大学的现代思想和文学专业博士生说。 “他们对健康,人类历史和人类未来整个世界观。 你不能比这更大。“








虽然研究探讨了节食的反女权主义文化中,约翰逊的工作是在其专注于饮食的书原来是“政治宣言,还是有说服力的文章,”不只是减肥手册。 “这是未知的领域,”约翰逊说。



在约翰逊的研究焦点的减肥食谱上洞穴人,亚当和夏娃,前殖民地和前工业社会的神话。 她还通过像先祖健康社会和度假牧场的减肥训练营约定面试肥胖研究人员和大师钻研饮食的亚文化。


约翰逊引用了古饮食的书籍段落来说明这些通俗小说的基本叙事形式。 例如,该 旧石器时代处方 (1988)描述了一个理想化的石器时代社会充满甜蜜蜜,美女,和丰富的节日。 他们的生活充满了“亲近和相互依存...说话,争辩,笑,玩。”


“如果你正在学习文学,那么你必须学习的人读什么,人们读什么是饮食的书籍,”约翰逊说。 “在美国,减肥是一个$ 60十亿的产业。”



“They reflect what people believe, and these beliefs are not insignificant,” she says. “They’re screenplays by which we live our lives and actually influence the day-to-day decisions that many people live out.”

Johnson chose which books to study based on their popularity and how they mapped onto social and political movements. Because academic libraries do not typically collect diet books, she searched out many on her own, through eBay, garage sales, thrift stores and friends.

One of Johnson’s favorite finds is among the few diet book titles in the Stanford library collection: 排毒, a 1984 volume written by a Stanford alumna, Merla Zellerbach. Detox describes a complicated diet that forbids cooking in anything other than stainless steel, glass, porcelain or cast iron.

Johnson appreciated the author’s “spunk” in using a diet book to tackle her real agenda: a damning environmentalist critique of toxic industrial chemicals and soil pollution.

“Basically, she wedged a bizarre, impossible diet into a book to make her political and environmental views more palatable,” Johnson says.

Is modern life making us sick?

Johnson argues that perceived connections between disease and modernity not only influence individual dieters but also shape public conceptions of health. “On a higher level, they influence medical treatment, public policy, economic policy, and global aid,” she says.

For example, Johnson examined some of the Pacific Islands as a case study of the connection between diseases of civilization and colonialism.

On the island of Nauru, 70 percent of the 10,000 inhabitants are now classified as obese and over a third are diabetic.

“The rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease just skyrocketed in the course of three decades,” Johnson says.

Johnson found that most medical experts published in leading journals did not recommend modern treatments. Instead, they suggested returning to a pre-colonial lifestyle and diet as the best method to reduce the rates of disease.

“But even if Nauruans did want to recapture traditional ways, it would be impossible because phosphate mining wrecked the country’s arable land,” Johnson says, who hopes that recognizing this association of disease with modernity can help us to rethink our approach to health.

“These older ways of thinking about human progress are not viable in a world in which disease is not located to any particular country,” she says. “We have to look at global health as a truly global phenomenon.”

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