Cultivating neutrality is how I describe the process of acquiring equanimity. What I mean by this is a state where you are neither happy nor sad, neither elevated nor depressed, but simply neutral. I think the edict that Americans are entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” creates a problem that goes largely unexamined in our culture.

There is a significant difference between pursuing happiness and simply being happy, and many people get caught up in the pursuit without ever really “catching” happiness. The staggering number of people who are on antidepressants is evidence alone that something is not working.

Often, if people suffer from depression, they feel a lot of pressure to be happy, but the distance between the low of depression and the high of happiness can seem like such a long way to go. Unable to get to happiness or to hold it once they may fleetingly experience it, they slip back down into depression.

People try to think positively, only to find themselves completely overrun with negative feelings and self-reproach. They are gripped by the fear that something is going to come along to take away their happiness, and so they have a hard time even letting themselves feel it for fear of losing it.

Life Is Full of Ups and Downs

When we cultivate neutrality, we don’t have to worry about any of this. We understand that life is full of ups and downs; good things happen and bad things happen, and that is the nature of life. We allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions as they arise, labeling none of them as “good” or “bad,” but simply seeing that they are part of the human experience. We allow them to play out as they need to with a good laugh or a good cry or maybe a brisk walk or some deep housecleaning if we are angry.

When we allow our emotions to run their course, without judging them or repressing them or thinking we shouldn’t be feeling them, they move on. It’s only when we resist them, repress them, or judge them that they tend to stick around and create problems.

Neutrality is the place that we return to once the highs or lows have passed. And in neutrality, there is a certain peace—nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to fix, no agenda to push, no axe to grind, nothing to be except simply present. This is a lovely space, a state of mind where you can enjoy true rest, where there is no charge of happiness to maintain, no charge of sadness to wallow in or seek to escape from, and the place from where we can create our reality.

You Are Worthy

When I first started working with tuning forks, I was very surprised to discover that underneath every person’s “noise” is a harmonic signal. And when that signal came through clearly, the person was what I can only describe as “great.” I kept coming home and saying to my husband, “That person I worked on today was great!” I kept being somewhat astounded to discover this in virtually everyone.

Reflecting on my surprise made me realize that I had always just assumed, based on what I had been taught, that humans were imperfect, that we were fallen from grace, that we were fatally flawed somehow. Our Christian cosmology, even in our supposedly secular culture, had wormed its way into my brain and formed a subconscious belief that I was a “guilty sinner.”

Even though I was actually raised in a religion-free home, the ubiquitous story of Adam and Eve and how they blew it—especially her—had apparently shaped my thinking without me realizing it. So here I was, surprised to see that this was not true—that here was the potential of perfect harmony, an aspect of humanness that was not out of sync with the universe, not out of step with nature, but actually quite in sync, beautifully, pleasingly, even jaw-droppingly in sync. I have never worked on anyone who does not have this harmonic potential.

Do You Associate with your Pain Body?

The thing is that most of us associate with what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls our 身体疼痛. This is the aspect of the self that has borne all the wounds of one’s lifetime—traumas small and large, on every level of being. These can even be inherited traumas that have been vibrationally encoded into our energetic blueprint. Most of us don’t believe that clear harmony exists as a potential within each of us, and even if we did, the belief that we are not worthy would get in the way. I have found at the kernel of every dysfunction, at the core of every issue, this belief: 我不配.

I invite you to see where and how I’m not worthy shows up in your mind and in your life. I think it will surprise you how it is hidden in plain view everywhere. Your worthiness has nothing to do with anything you do—it simply is what you . That you are not worthy is a lie; you are worthy, most worthy of simple harmony in your body, mind, and spirit, simply because that is the essence of who and what you truly are.

Love, the Ultimate Healing Tool

When I turned forty-one, my son Quinn said to me, “Next year you are going to be the answer to life, the universe, and everything!” He was referring to the fact that forty-two is the number that answers that question in the iconic book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. So when I turned forty-two, this was on my mind. It just so happened that at the time I was doing research on plasma and sacred geometry as an independent study for my master’s degree, and so I was actually thinking about these subjects quite a lot.

One morning I was in Burlington having my car serviced and spent some time waiting and having breakfast in a café there. It suddenly came to me that I wanted to write, but I had no paper of any kind except for my appointment book. I opened up to the block schedule planner in the back and promptly wrote the poem below, putting each line in one of the boxes. I am not inclined to write poetry; in fact, I had quite a run-in with my sophomore English teacher in high school around poetry because I thought poems were silly and didn’t want to have to write any, but this poem just sort of happened.

I have figured out the answer to life, the universe, and everything
And it is . . .

重力? 爱
电力? 爱
强大的力量? 爱
弱力? 爱

PI =爱
E = MC2 =爱

爱是医治你。 你在哪里没有痊愈,你是不是让你的爱情发生的任何地方,你不爱自己。


我们被教导说这是错误的爱自己,这是自私的爱自己。 这没关系,适当的,爱别人,有对他人的同情心,而不是我们自己。 这是一个谎言。 这就是为什么这么多人生病。 我们被教导说不要紧,我们认为是什么,或者我们说,因为我们没有权力的。 我们相信我们是无能为力的,因为我们不理解这个词的力量。 我们不知道的话多么有创意的。

其中一件事我一直在讲课说的是,作为一个健全的治疗师,我已经了解到,在宇宙中最强大的东西是正确的在你的鼻子。 。 。 它是你的嘴。 通过我们的话,我们创造了我们的生活。

什么样的故事是想告诉自己和别人你是谁? 治疗正在愿你的故事分离,是愿意进入中立,开放给其他的可能性,要相信你是值得的这些可能性,让自己简单地在宇宙中,这是最重要的休息,简单地说,爱情。

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