As early as five hundred years ago and as late as a thousand or more years ago, the mystics we know of and whose writing survived lived special lives, for sure. Most of them were never noted as having spouses, children, or other obligations.

Many were secluded in monasteries or something similar. For sure, they did not have today’s version of nine-to-five jobs but relied on a religious organization or similar group for mutual support, each taking part in daily activities. In other words, they had time to pause, connect spiritually, and simply commune with God in whatever way they believed. And they had the time to do this constantly.

Running Around Faster Than a Merry-Go-Round

Today, things are quite different. Most people today are running around faster than a merry-go-round at a child’s amusement park. Not only do they have financial obligations, but they are singularly responsible for their own monetary affairs.

Stay-at-home moms and dads do not indeed stay at home anymore, but are shuffling obligations on a calendar whose days have very little space left for other things. Fast food is popular because people have to eat fast in order to fit everything into their busy days.

Rarely is family mealtime an event, with family members gathering at the end of the day to share nourishment and conversation. Instead, food has become a quick grab between teenagers’ activities, nightly meetings, household chores, schoolwork, and workloads too heavy to leave at the office. Often family members are like ships that pass in the night, too involved in their own path to notice one another.

Mystics: Those Who Pause, Reflect, Listen, and Connect Spiritually

It’s no wonder, then, that mysticism has become a history lesson of those who went before us. Most people today cannot relate to it at all, not even when it is described as an inner spiritual instinct.

For this reason, I prefer to call those who do pause and reflect, listen, and connect spiritually (and keep as their main focus at all times that special inner Divinity innate to us all) Modern Mystics. Each of us still must maintain our family obligations as best we can because sequestering ourselves from the outside world is inconvenient at best and, really, all but impossible.

The world is what it is, and unlike for the mystics of old, conversation today is usually a quick click on a cell phone and events of the world are all but instantaneously shoved at us through the media and Internet. And frankly, if we don’t work or earn money somewhere, it is going to be quite hard to find that roof over our heads and to put food on the table. Therefore, we have to learn to be Modern Mystics in spite of the pace of life around us, incorporating our Divine connection into the everyday tasks of living in a world too busy to pause.

Divinely Connected While Washing Dishes, Walking, Running, or House Cleaning

Did you realize that you can be quite Divinely connected when you wash dishes? Are you aware that meditation can be done when walking or running? Or gardening? Or cleaning a house? When you hold your child in your lap, or read a bedtime story, or simply listen with your heart, are you able to not only know the presence of God, but to actualize this connection in these everyday events? To look deeply into someone’s eyes when listening with your heart is a way of becoming a Modern Mystic.

Go beyond your five senses when in a garden, beside a lake or ocean, or even in the presence of woods or fields in order to listen with your heart, discovering that wonderful Divinity present in all things. In other words, Modern Mystics find a way to allow that inner, Divine connection to be active in all they do.

Letting Your Spirit Meander in Writing

What Modern Mystics can choose to have in common with mystics of old may come through writing. Even though not everyone can be a poet, an essayist, or even produce works of consumer value, each of us is able to pick up pen and paper to allow the meanderings of our hearts and spirits to flow unimpeded through our written words.

Something about seeing these types of spiritual meanderings allows our inner spiritual experience to deepen and facilitates the process of Spirit speaking with us in a new way—one we can easily read. It also makes us fully aware of our spiritual connections, for it literally moves God’s love, presence, and grace into the analytical part of our brain. From there, it journeys aware through our heart right into our actions; in other words, it’s life-enhancing. We heal, we recover, we re-connect, and we grow.

When writing in this fashion, the words do not have to all form sentences. Instead, they can be unsystematic, placed in random fashion anywhere on the paper you desire, in any way you like. The words can come fast as you scribble them out, or they can come slowly, trickling from your inner spirit like molasses dripping out of a crockery jug.

Spelling does not count. Punctuation is what you want it to be, indicating the pauses and the ends of thoughts, as well as the exclamations or questions as you need them to be. No teacher has the right to correct anything you write when writing for spiritual reasons. In fact, I recommend not showing this inner work to anyone at all. After all, it’s your soul that wishes to be heard, for you alone. There is no right or wrong in this exercise. It should be done sincerely and freely, with no internal editor.

Spirit Is Trying To Write For You, As You, With You

Approach this form of writing with an open mind, with no preconceived ideas of perfection, and with an attitude that it will happen just as you need it to happen. Remember, you are not trying to write something; the Spiritual is trying to write for you, as you, with you.

Start with one word, a word that lingers in your emotional realms instead of in your rationality. Write this word anywhere on the paper you wish it to be. Move it if you need to. Make it in the color you wish. Change your mind and make it another color. Write it as many times as you want to, or just write part of the word. Write it upside down. Write it in mirror image. Draw on the word. Enhance the word.

Remember, just connecting to your own word as creatively as you wish will create an important dynamic for you to follow. Allow this word full expression; believe me when I say that this word will indeed speak to you, move you, and guide you as you let it.

What emotions does it bring up? What questions? Why did this word appear? What is it about this word that is loving? What is this word connected to? How does this word make you feel? Or did your feelings make this word appear? Or did you feel like it was whispered to you from something holy?

If this word speaks to you in some of these ways, or in different ways, then create another word linked to this word through the present movement of your heart and mind. Put this new word, phrase, or sentence (or perhaps paragraph or paragraphs) onto your paper any way you wish.

Let Spirit Flow: Do Not Edit Spirit

如果您需要使用您的计算机。 在这一点上不要编辑。 请记住,这是一个过程,不是一个具体的事件。 让这个充满活力的开始流向无论如何它需要流动。 这不是你正在做的事情; 而不是把它看成是你参加的东西,那你攻到一些东西,或者一些您允许的情况发生。

这是完全有可能的流动会像密西西比河。 如果是这样,那么让这种情况发生。 它也可能是您的流量会像水向下移动一个小斜坡,扭曲和翻叶,枝,和岩石,因为它使通过污垢的小道上泥泞的小溪边。 这些经历是巨大的。 完美的,其实。 不要判断。 就让它来,因为它需要的到来。

如果你的冲动画画,那么这样做。 如果你的冲动,切断从杂志图片具体,那么这样做。 如果祈祷的需要来,那么对于上帝的份上做到这一点。 问题的关键是让你自己表达某种形式,你可以为了见证自己的进步稍后返回。

请注意,这不是一个关于别人的过程。 这个小运动量不宜放下一个同学,在你的老板发怒,或者抱怨什么办法。 这挫败的目的。 这方面的经验是不是性欲要么,不是特定的身体敦促,而不是任何形式的瘾。

如果发现是何等的表达本身在纸上,那么它是不是你的灵魂和那些对你说话的精神,而是通过你的心理你的自我。 最好是玩那些细节了专业的心理咨询师等。


通过笔和纸一个神圣的连接的实现可能会或可能不会一蹴而就所有。 此外,它可能不会发生,你期望它发生的正确方式。 但是,相信我,如果你投降成为现代神秘的,则该特定意图将协调连接的路径更宽,更深,并远远超出你所能想象的。 它将在利用特定的人才,不需要拉出来的问题你的心理花圃,并允许你的精神,热情绽放的方式发生。

毕竟,这是写在男人和女人的神的形象都产生神圣文本。 我们通过爱创造,认识到我们的真正的本质是爱,并通过我们的具体人才来分享这爱的恩典。 我们为什么会在这里,生活和现在的,毕竟,有一个神圣的连接,如果我们不应该知道我们神圣的连接?

神秘主义并不仅仅局限于谁被称为这个古人的经验。 随着现代神秘主义者,我们每个人都有一个未充分利用的连接上帝,个人独有的。 开到它。 愿意接受它。 最重要的是,是欣赏和感激为自己的神圣连接。 的心脏永远记得。

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帕迪Fievet博士的作者。“一个神秘的制作:在写作中涌现精神的一种形式”水稻FIEVET 爱来自写作的灵魂增强的连接。 一个神秘的制作 是她的第二本书; 她的第一次, 当生命哭了出来, 还出版了2014。 她还利用在这本书中描述的方法,因为他们是连接到上帝的爱灵每天的最重要的途径。 他们还为她培养沉默,让精神移动和引导她在她的所作所为,祈祷通过笔和纸的方法。 目前,水稻喜欢说话的群体,告诉有意义的故事,书写方便团体和协助他人在生活中发现自己的特定版本作为一个神圣的故事。 参观稻田Fievet在线 www.paddyfievet.com.