Much of the world believes in a God who hears our prayers and sometimes gives us what we ask for and sometimes does not. This conception of Deity holds that God has 原因 for granting or denying our wishes on any particular occasion.

Sometimes (so it is said) what we want for ourselves is not what God knows is “good for us,” so we don’t get it.

Sometimes (so it is said) we have sinned so much that God does not find us “deserving” of having a prayer answered.

Sometimes (so we are told) God gives us all that we have asked for and more—presumably because it is good for us and we deserving.

Now comes The Great What If . . .

What if God does not grant or deny the prayers of anyone?

What if a hoped-for event or condition manifests in our life for another reason entirely?

难道有所作为? 有关系吗? 在事物的总体方案,它会在我们的行星经验的显著影响?

是。 这,其实是提供了人类历史上最大的突破机会。 我们可以在最后发现,作为一个全球性的物种,创作过程和宇宙的炼金术(转化或创建的看似神奇的方法)。

为什么 do 希望的事件或表现在我们的生活中,如果它不是上帝的“意境”,决定我们的愿望是否被授予条件? 如何奇迹发生? 是什么让梦想成真? 什么是原因时,他们不?


人类的神亲自授予或拒绝个别人的祈祷古文化的故事显然是简单地不准确的。 它是好的,现在从我们目前的故事删除这种古老的教学,并停止这告诉我们自己和我们的孩子。

上帝在我们的生活中的角色不需要然而降低。 事实上,这将是很好地 提高 它。 然而,如果上帝不亲自说“是”或“否”来我们的祷告,为什么还要在我们的生活越来越上帝的角色?

因为这是神的 功率,而不是神的 性格 产生人类的欲望的表现。



这意味着,这不是我们是否在上帝的青睐,或上帝是否不认为授予特定请求将是“好”对我们来说,这决定了我们的祈祷的结果。 这是不是上帝的心情,这是上帝的爱产生的惊人情况 我们所有的祈祷被授予所有的时间。

问题不在于神,有时说是有时说,没有我们的祷告,问题是,我们不知道什么是“祈祷” 是。

如果有人告诉我们,当我们是小孩子什么是祷告 is,我们会发现, 所有 我们的祷告都回答了所有的时间。

Prayer is an application, not a supplication . . . and most of us think it is the other way around.

Prayer is nothing more than God’s energy, focused. God’s energy is not made available to us only under certain conditions (as when God agrees with our prayer, or when we are in God’s “good graces”). God’s energy lives in 我们, as us, and manifests 通过 us every hour of every day, whether we know it or not—and whether we want it to or not.

We don’t have any choice about this, because God’s energy—which is the power behind creation—is not turn-on-able and turn-off-able. It is 总是 on, every single moment. It is, in fact, Who We Are.

We are, each of us, a manifestation of God’s energy, and how we 使用 the energy that we determines how we experience the life that we live.

Remember always . . .

We are a manifestation of God’s energy, and how we 使用 the energy that we determines how we experience the life that we live.

Desire vs. Want

Let me offer here what I explained in a passage from the book Happier Than God. The attracting aspect of energy responds not only to what we desire, but also to what we fear. Not only to what we wish to draw to us, but also to what we wish to push away. Not only to what we consciously choose, but also to what we unconsciously select.

“Selecting” from what my friend Deepak Chopra calls “the Field of Infinite Possibilities” is a delicate procedure. It is a matter of what we focus on, whether we do it consciously or not.

For instance, if your mind is focused on doubling your income within the next year, but if you have a later thought, the next hour or the next day, that it will be almost impossible for you to do this—if you say to yourself, “Oh, come on, be practical! Pick a goal that you can at least 到达”—then you have selected the latest idea, whether you originally wanted to or not, because the switch on your power is always ON; personal creation is always working.

It not only works with your most recent thought or idea, but also with the one to which you give the most frequency and focus and emotional energy.

This explains why some people who seek to use the so-called Law of Attraction or traditional forms of prayer to get something they desperately want often meet up with what they call failure. Then they say, “See? This stuff doesn’t work!”

Actually, the process is working perfectly. If you experience yourself wanting something desperately, and if you keep saying to yourself I want that!, you are announcing to the universe that you do not now have it.

As long as you hold such a thought, you 不能 have it, because you cannot experience on the one hand what you are confirming on the other that you do 注意.

To use one example, the statement, “I want more money” may not draw money to you, but may actually push it away. This is because the universe has only one response in its vocabulary: “Yes.”

It responds to your 能源。 It listens most of all to what you are feeling.

If you constantly say, “I want more money!”, God will say, “Yes, you do!” If you think, “I want more love in my life!”, God will say “Yes, you do!”

The universe “feels your energy” around the question of money or love, or anything else for that matter, and if it is a feeling of lack, this is what the universe will respond to. And it will produce more of that. The universe is a big copying machine. It duplicates what’s put into it.

The Power of God

We are talking about 功率 here. We are talking about the power of prayer. But prayer is more than simply what we ask for. Prayer is our every thought, word, and deed. In fact, asking for something is actually the weakest path toward getting it, because asking for something is an affirmation that you do not now have it.

Putting all this another way, your energy has the power of a magnet. Remember that even feeling (actually, 特别 feeling) is energy, and in the matter of energy, Like Attracts Like.

The idea is to step into the application of the power of God, not a supplication to God that the power be used. God’s invitation is to utilize the confirmative power of prayer. How? How is this done? Well, here’s an example: “Thank you God for sending me my perfect mate.” Here’s another example: “All the money I need is coming to me now.” And here’s my favorite prayer: “Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.”

This shift from supplication to application can be miraculous. These are not affirmations. These are confirmations. There is a huge difference. An affirmation seeks to produce an outcome or an experience. A confirmation announces that the outcome has already been produced.

How the Mechanism of Creation 工程

is a 机制 we are talking about here, not a Being in the sky who takes you literally or does not. This is a that runs based on the fuel that is put into it. It is a copying machine, and it has no preference as to what it duplicates. Nor does it try to 阐释 what its owner wants to make copies of. It simply duplicates the energy that is put into it. In this sense, it is like a computer. You’ve heard this acronym, I’m sure: GIGO. That stands for: 垃圾进,垃圾出。

In using God’s Energy, the word “I” is the ignition key of creation. What follows the word “I” 原来 the key and starts the engine of manifestation.

Thus, when it “looks as if” Personal Creation is not working it is only because the Primal Energy has brought you what you inadvertently selected rather than what you thought you chose.

If the power were not always ON, if the process was not always working, you could have a single very positive thought about something and that outcome would be made manifest in your reality without fail. But the process works all the time, not just part of the time, and is fed by that which you feel most deeply, most consistently. So a single very positive thought in a whirlwind of not-so-positive ideas and projections is not likely to produce the desired result.

The trick is to stay positive in a sea of negativity. The trick is to know that the process is working even when it looks as if it is not. The trick is to “judge not by appearances.” The trick is to stay in the space of gratitude for everyone outcome and experience, every circumstance and situation.

Gratitude eliminates negativity, disappointment, resentment, and anger. And when those emotions disappear, room is made for the energy of love for God, for life, and for yourself to reappear—now more fully than ever.

What a God we have! What a Deity is ours, to have created such a foolproof, magnificent, miraculous process, allowing each of us to announce and declare, express and fulfill, experience and become Who We Really Are.


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