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这个超级月亮是24岁的年轻人th 于19:32 UT的天秤座度th 2020年XNUMX月。此级别的Sabian符号-蝴蝶左侧的第三翼-反映了以前看起来像“或/或”问题的三角剖分。

An unusual occurrence is augured that draws our attention to something fresh and unexpected.预示着一个不寻常的事件将我们的注意力吸引到新鲜而出乎意料的事情上。 A matter we once considered closed reveals its multi-dimensional nature.我们曾经认为封闭的事物揭示了它的多维本质。 As such, this moon augurs an opportunity to reflect on those areas of certainty we fail to question because they already feel like a 'done deal'.因此,这个月亮为反思我们无法质疑的确定性领域提供了机会,因为它们已经像是“完成的交易”。 An opposition to this new moon from the来自新月的反对 矮行星埃里斯 揭示了如果我们对它的力量敞开心perspective,这种崭新的观点将多么令人震惊。

In the dark of this moon we can experience a deepened sense of our innate power as we contemplate the strength that lies at our core: the unyielding life-force shared with all beings everywhere.在我们思考核心力量时,在月亮的黑暗中,我们可以体验到加深的与生俱来的力量感:不屈不挠的生命力与世界各地的众生共享。 In the weeks to come we can nurture and nourish this connection to our sovereign self, which can be diminished by nothing and no one, however fearful or disempowered we may feel.在接下来的几周里,我们可以培育和滋养与主权自我的这种联系,这种主权可以一无所有,也不会被任何人削弱,无论我们感到恐惧或无能为力。 The ripples emanating from this moon, together with月亮发出的涟漪,以及 水星目前通过天蝎座的逆行通道, 为今年的最后三个月作了准备,阐明了摆在我们面前的问题,祝福和挑战。

Black Moon Lilith conjunct Eris at this moon honours our pure and vital essence that cannot be conquered by the current unrelenting assertion of inherent vulnerability.黑月莉莉丝与埃里斯在这个月相合,荣耀了我们纯净而至关重要的本质,而当前对内在脆弱性的不屈不挠的主张是无法克服的。 Many right now fear a virus.现在许多人都害怕病毒。 Others, tyranny.其他人,暴政。 Some fear both and others neither.有些人害怕,其他人都不害怕。 Fear of death has been weaponised to force submission, isolation and suspicion of each other.对死亡的恐惧已被武器化,迫使彼此屈服,隔离和猜疑。 But when we allow fear to dictate our every move, we can neither think straight nor wisely and those who peddle it gain a disproportionate power over our lives.但是,当我们让恐惧决定着我们的一举一动时,我们既不能直率也不能明智地思考,兜售它的人在我们的生活中获得了不成比例的力量。 This supermoon affirms that love is the only remedy for fear, for when we remain rooted in love we can regard our own and other people's disquiet through wiser, more compassionate eyes.这个超级月亮肯定了爱是恐惧的唯一补救方法,因为当我们深深扎根于爱时,我们可以通过更明智,更富有同情心的眼睛看待自己和他人的不安。

But we would be wrong to only equate love with yielding gentleness!但是,仅仅将爱等同于产生温柔是错误的! This moon speaks of wild love that burns hard: searing love, tough love and angry love.月亮说着燃烧的野性爱:灼热的爱,坚强的爱和愤怒的爱。 It affirms that love of the self is vital if we're to stand firm in what we know to be true.它肯定了,如果我们要坚定自己所知道的真实,对自我的热爱至关重要。 For if we cannot be who we authentically are, what's the point of being?因为如果我们不能成为我们真正的身份,那么意义何在?

In this moon we meet the primal force that births creation.在这个月亮中,我们遇到了诞生创造的原始力量。 The crash of waves on the shore and the courageous tenacity needed to call the darkness by name.波涛汹涌的海岸和勇敢的毅力需要用名字来称呼黑暗。 A formidable force that can knock us off our feet with its many faces of grief and longing, fierce compassion and terrible grace, this is love that toughens as it softens and places rock where once the ground gave way.这是一种强大的力量,可以用许多悲伤和渴望,强烈的同情心和可怕的恩典面对我们,这是一种爱,它在变软并将岩石放到地面塌陷的地方变得坚韧。 It explodes into becoming and births the future unbridled by fear.它爆炸成无惧恐惧的无限未来。 It may be hurricane force, battering down our door to reach us, breaking apart the earth to penetrate our soul.可能是飓风,击落我们的大门,到达我们,裂开大地,穿透我们的灵魂。 Or come as a lightning strike of awakening that renders all things changed.或者作为唤醒的闪电来使所有事物发生变化。


This Libran moon recalibrates the power of love, and may hit us where it hurts, to shift our perception and cut to the chase.天秤座的月亮重新调整了爱的力量,并可能在伤害我们的地方打击我们,改变了我们的看法并追逐追逐。 If the soft and gentle kind doesn't break us open enough to acknowledge the shocking nature of our current predicament, a more unyielding love may be needed to reveal where we deny our true nature by submitting to dependency and fear.如果那种柔和而温柔的态度不能使我们足够开放以承认我们当前困境的令人震惊的性质,那么可能需要一种更加坚决的爱,以揭示我们通过屈从于依赖性和恐惧而否定了我们的真实本质。 The more intimately we acquaint ourselves with this vital force, the more courageous we become in our relationships.我们越熟悉这股重要的力量,我们在关系中就越勇敢。 And the greater our capacity to bear the pressure as we prepare for the further unfolding of our collective future when Saturn conjuncts Jupiter at the end of this extraordinary year.当土星在这个非同寻常的年末与木星合相时,我们为集体未来的进一步发展做准备时,承受压力的能力也就更大。


Every thought and action ripples through the shared ground of our collective being.每一种思想和行动都会在我们集体存在的共同基础上产生涟漪。 Each decision, word and deed echoes far beyond our current time and space.每个决定,言行都在回荡着我们目前的时空。


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莎拉·瓦尔卡斯(Sarah Varcas)是一位直觉的占星家,他热衷于将星球消息应用于日常生活的起伏。 她这样做的目的是支持人们的个人和精神发展,提供天文智慧,否则那些没有占星术专业知识的人是无法访问的。 莎拉学习了三十多年的占星术,跨越佛教,沉思的基督教和其他各种各样的教义和实践的折衷的精神道路。 她还提供在线(通过电子邮件) 自学占星课程。 你可以找到更多关于莎拉和她的工作 www.astro-awakenings.co.uk.






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