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Facebook有 回应 Netflix纪录片《社会困境》中说,“掩盖了煽情主义的实质”。

The show is currently in Netflix Australia's top ten list and has been popular around the globe.该节目目前在Netflix澳大利亚的前十名中,并在全球范围内广受欢迎。 Some一些 媒体专家 认为这是“我们这个时代最重要的纪录片”。

The Social Dilemma focuses on how big social media companies manipulate users by using algorithms that encourage addiction to their platforms.社交困境专注于大型社交媒体公司如何使用鼓励用户沉迷其平台的算法来操纵用户。 It also shows, fairly accurately, how platforms harvest personal data to target users with ads – and have so far gone largely unregulated.它还相当准确地显示了平台如何通过广告将个人数据收集到目标用户,并且到目前为止基本上不受监管。

But what are we meant to do about it?但是我们打算做什么呢? While the Netflix feature educates viewers about the problems social networks present to both our privacy and agency, it falls short of providing a tangible solution.虽然Netflix功能可以使观众了解社交网络给我们的隐私和代理机构带来的问题,但它并没有提供切实的解决方案。


在对纪录片的回应中,Facebook 否认 前社会主义困境中接受采访的前Facebook和其他大型科技公司员工提出的大多数主张。


“ Facebook是一个广告支持的平台,这意味着销售广告可以使我们为其他所有人提供免费连接的能力,” Facebook说。


However, this is a bit like saying chicken food is free for battery hens.但是,这有点像说鸡只对母鸡免费。 Harvesting users' data and selling it to advertisers, even if the data is not “收集用户数据并将其出售给广告客户,即使数据不是“个人身份”,无疑是Facebook的商业模式。



For example, a fictional character is given an “executive team” of people operating behind the scenes to maximise their interaction with a social media platform.例如,为虚构人物提供了一个“执行团队”,使他们在幕后进行操作,以最大程度地提高他们与社交媒体平台的互动。 This is supposed to be a metaphor for algorithms, but is a little creepy in its implications.这应该是算法的隐喻,但是其含义有些令人毛骨悚然。

新闻报道 声称有很多人 断开的 或在观看了《社交困境》后正在社交媒体“休息”。

但是,尽管其中一位受访者 贾伦·拉尼尔(Jaron Lanier),有一本名​​为“删除社交帐户的10个理由”的书,该纪录片对此没有明确要求。 No immediately useful answers are given.没有给出立即有用的答案。

电影制作人杰夫·奥尔洛夫斯基(Jeff Orlowski)似乎定格了 “道德”平台设计 as the antidote.作为解毒剂。 While this is an important consideration, it's not a complete answer.尽管这是一个重要的考虑因素,但这并不是一个完整的答案。 And this framing is one of several issues in The Social Dilemma's approach.而这种框架是“社会困境”方法中的几个问题之一。

道德设计考虑了平台中设计选择的道德后果。Ethical design considers the moral consequences of the design choices in a platform.道德设计考虑了平台中设计选择的道德后果。 It is design made with the intent to 'do good'.它是为了“做得好”而设计的。 存在Shutterstock

The program also relies uncritically on interviews with former tech executives, who apparently never realised the consequences of manipulating users for monetary gain.该计划还不严格地依赖于对前技术主管的采访,他们显然从未意识到操纵用户获取金钱收益的后果。 It propagates the Silicon Valley fantasy they were just innocent geniuses wanting to improve the world (despite ample它传播了硅谷的幻想,他们只是想改善世界的无辜天才(尽管足够 证据相反).

正如技术政策专家玛丽亚·法雷尔(Maria Farell)所建议的那样,这些退休人员“浪子科技兄弟”, who are now safely insulated from consequences, are presented as the moral authority.现在已安全地避免后果的“”代表了道德权威。 Meanwhile, the digital rights and privacy activists who have worked for decades to hold them to account are largely omitted from view.同时,在很大程度上视而不见了已经​​工作了数十年的数字权利和隐私权活动家来追究他们的责任。



Firstly, you can take The Social Dilemma as a cue to become more aware of how much of your data is given up on a daily basis – and you can change your behaviours accordingly.首先,您可以以“社交困境”为线索来更加了解每天有多少数据被放弃了-然后您可以相应地改变自己的行为。 One way is to change your social media privacy settings to restrict (as much as possible) the data networks can gather from you.一种方法是更改​​您的社交媒体隐私设置,以(尽可能)限制数据网络可以从您那里收集信息。


在Facebook中,您实际上可以 完全关闭“平台应用”。 This restricts access by partner or third-party applications.这限制了合作伙伴或第三方应用程序的访问。

Unfortunately, even if you do restrict your privacy settings on platforms (particularly Facebook), they can still collect and use your “platform” data.不幸的是,即使您确实限制了平台(尤其是Facebook)上的隐私设置,它们仍然可以收集和使用您的“平台”数据。 This includes content you read, “like”, click and hover over.这包括您阅读的内容,“喜欢”,单击并悬停。

So, you may want to opt for limiting the time you spend on these platforms.因此,您可能希望选择限制在这些平台上花费的时间。 This is not always practical, given how鉴于实际情况,这并不总是可行的 他们在我们生活中的重要性。 But if you want to do so, there are dedicated tools for this in some mobile operating systems.但是,如果您要这样做,某些移动操作系统中会提供专用的工具。

Apple's iOS, for example, has implemented “screen time” tools aimed at minimising time spent on apps such as Facebook.例如,苹果公司的iOS已经实施了“屏幕时间”工具,旨在最大程度地减少在Facebook等应用上花费的时间。 Some have argued, though, this can但是有人认为,这可以 让事情变得更糟 通过使用户感到不舒服,同时仍然可以轻松地避免限制。



In the long run, stemming the flow of personal data to digital platforms will also need legislative change.从长远来看,阻止个人数据流向数字平台也将需要立法上的改变。 While legislation can't fix everything, it can encourage systemic change.立法虽然不能解决所有问题,但可以鼓励系统的变革。

在澳大利亚,我们需要更强大的数据隐私保护,最好采用一揽子立法保护的形式,例如《通用数据保护条例》 在欧洲实施 在2018。

GDPR旨在使社交媒体平台紧随其后,旨在为个人提供对其个人数据的更多控制权。 Australians don't yet have similar comprehensive protections, but regulators have been making inroads.澳大利亚人还没有类似的全面保护措施,但监管机构一直在努力。

去年,澳大利亚竞争与消费者委员会完成了 数字平台查询 调查与技术平台有关的一系列问题,包括数据收集和隐私。

It made a number of recommendations that will hopefully result in legislative change.它提出了一些建议,有望导致立法方面的变化。 These focus on improving and bolstering the definitions of “consent” for consumers, including explicit understanding of when and how their data is being tracked online.这些重点在于改进和加强对消费者“同意”的定义,包括明确了解何时以及如何在线跟踪其数据。



媒体和传播高级讲师Belinda Barnet, 斯威本科技大学 媒体与传播讲师Diana Bossio 斯威本科技大学

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