解决美国政治危机的真正方法:整合量子世界观图片由 stokpic 

When Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016, every politically aware progressive American came to understand that there was a crisis in American politics like never before.当唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)在XNUMX年当选美国总统时,每个具有政治意识的进步型美国人都开始理解,美国政治中从未有过危机。 But if you are a student of history or if you cared deeply for progressivity in your country, you could have predicted this crisis three decades ago, at the time of the Reagan presidency.但是,如果您是历史学的学生,或者您深切地关心自己国家的进步,那么三十年前里根担任总统期间,您可能已经预见到了这场危机。

It takes years and years for money from the rich to “trickle down” to the jobless.富人的钱要花很多年才能“滴下”到失业者身上。 On the other hand, even from what little I knew about economics at the time, the recession was part of a periodical business cycle—popularly called “boom and bust.”另一方面,即使我当时对经济学了解甚少,经济衰退也是周期性商业周期的一部分,通常被称为“繁荣与萧条”。 Even if nothing much were done, the economy would reset itself.即使什么都没做,经济也会重振旗鼓。


The economy did recover in Reagan's time and without much trickle down going into effect.在里根时代,经济确实恢复了,并且没有trick滴地生效。 Indeed, Reagan's successor George HW Bush, also a Republican, had to raise taxes to protect the economy.的确,里根的继任者乔治·HW·布什,也是共和党人,不得不提高税收来保护经济。 But ever since Reagan, Republicans discovered something critical that changed the face of politics in the US ever since.但是自从里根以来,共和党人就发现了一些至关重要的东西,从此改变了美国政治的面貌。

What they found out was this: Lying works when garbed as serious policy or ideology.他们发现的是:撒谎被当作严肃的政策或意识形态时起作用。 If you are a partisan, you give your party the benefit of the doubt whenever there is confusion.如果您是党派人士,只要有困惑,就可以让您的政党从怀疑中受益。 Of course, communist countries like Soviet Russia (before communism went kaput) and China had been doing this ever since when, but in the US, this was a new tactic.当然,像苏联这样的共产主义国家(在共产主义沦为空前)和中国从那以后就一直这样做,但是在美国,这是一种新策略。

Before Reagan, Republicans had to go along with Democrats as far as Keynesian economics was concerned because nobody had any better idea.在里根之前,就凯恩斯主义经济学而言,共和党人必须与民主党人保持一致,因为没有人有更好的主意。 But after Reagan's success in selling voodoo economics (George Bush's name for Trickle-down economics), Republicans began selling other voodoo ideas to their faithful under ideological garb with equal success.但是,在里根成功销售伏都教经济学(乔治·布什的Tri流经济学)后,共和党人开始将其他伏都教思想卖给他们的信徒,并在意识形态上获得了同样的成功。


One such idea was neo-conservatism that said, a military intervention in the Middle East is worth it because it will spread American democracy in countries saddled by old-fashioned feudalism and/or dictatorships.一个这样的想法是新保守主义,它说,对中东进行军事干预是值得的,因为它将使美国的民主在老式的封建主义和(或)独裁政权所背负的国家中传播。 The idea seemed ideologically sound enough to distract the American public from the real reason for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which might have been as mundane as greed for middle Eastern oil.这个想法在意识形态上听起来似乎足够使美国公众从XNUMX年入侵伊拉克的真正原因上分散注意力,伊拉克入侵伊拉克的原本可能与对中东石油的贪婪一样平凡。

In the same spirit, Republican ideologues have tried to sell government supported health insurance programs with free market competition making it a bonanza for insurance and pharmaceutical companies.出于同样的精神,共和党的思想家试图通过自由市场竞争来出售政府支持的健康保险计划,从而使其成为保险和制药公司的财富。 When you are faced with life and death health issues, obviously free market psychology does not apply.当您面临生死健康问题时,显然不适用自由市场心理。 But tell that to the Republicans.但是告诉共和党人。

喜剧演员乔恩·斯图尔特(Jon Stewart)曾经说过:“ 是骗局,与之相反 进展 is 国会”; he was talking about a Republican congress.他在谈论共和党代表大会。 Meanwhile, Democrats, under the leadership of President Obama, went ahead and pushed through a government-supported health insurance with a so-called individual mandate.同时,民主党人在奥巴马总统的领导下继续前进,并推动了政府支持的所谓个人授权医疗保险。 Young people were forced to either subscribe to a health insurance they didn't yet need or pay an extra income tax, which would surely be a hardship on some of them.年轻人被迫要么购买了他们不需要的健康保险,要么被迫支付额外的所得税,这对于某些人来说肯定是一件困难的事。 This was clearly curbing the freedom of choice of these young people.显然,这限制了这些年轻人的选择自由。


If the true spirit of democracy were followed, then one would first educate young people, make sure of their support, and then enact the mandate to help health insurance for the noninsured.如果遵循真正的民主精神,那么人们将首先对年轻人进行教育,确保他们的支持,然后制定任务授权为无保险的人提供健康保险。 This was not done.尚未完成。 So, in the next congressional election in 2010, their staunchest opponents formed the TEA Party, which skillfully used the Obama health insurance program (Obamacare) as a foil to arouse a coalition around non-college-educated white males, many of whom were racist, sexist, and homophobic, to take control of the Congress.因此,在XNUMX年的下一届国会选举中,他们最坚决的反对者组成了TEA政党,该党巧妙地利用了奥巴马的健康保险计划(Obamacare)作为陪衬,以激起非受过大学教育的白人男性联盟,其中许多是种族主义者,性别歧视和同性恋恐惧症,以控制国会。

Mainstream Republicans, many of them still old-fashioned conservatives, went along with the TEA party rebels thinking that they had no choice under the American tradition that anyone can run in any party's primary.主流共和党人(其中许多人仍然是老式的保守派)与TEA政党叛乱分子一起,认为在美国的传统下,他们别无选择,任何人都可以参加任何政党的初选。 Actually, there was a choice of changing the party rule.实际上,可以选择更改党的规则。 But, of course, if the TEA Partiers were forced to run as a third party, their wins would come at the expense of the mainstream Republican Party.但是,当然,如果TEA合作伙伴被迫以第三方的身份参加竞选,他们的胜利将以牺牲主流共和党为代价。 Justifiably, no Republican wanted that.有道理,没有共和党人想要那样。 They remembered the lesson of Ross Perot's presidential candidacy too well.他们还记得罗斯·佩罗特(Ross Perot)总统竞选的教训。



Then came Trump.然后是特朗普。 Trump, a billionaire and a reality TV personality, came to political prominence by stoking racist tendencies in TEA party Republicans via the Birther movement, challenging that Obama was born in the United States.特朗普,亿万富翁和电视真人秀,通过伯瑟运动在TEA政党共和党中煽动种族主义倾向,从而在政治上引起了人们的关注,挑战奥巴马出生于美国。 Surprisingly, instead of producing his birth certificate immediately, Obama hesitated, and the movement grew.出人意料的是,奥巴马没有立即出示出生证明,而是犹豫了,运动开始了。 Of course, eventually, Obama produced his birth certificate and Trump sort of withdrew his claim.当然,最终,奥巴马出示了出生证明,而特朗普则撤回了他的要求。 So, Obama joked about it at the 2011 White House Congressional dinner:因此,奥巴马在XNUMX年白宫国会晚宴上开玩笑说:


But as you know the joke was on Obama.但是,正如您所知,这个笑话是在奥巴马身上。 Five years later, in 2016, Trump was elected president, thereby completing the neoconservative agenda of win-at-all-costs, lying, Russian intervention, and what not.五年后,即XNUMX年,特朗普当选总统,从而完成了不惜一切代价,撒谎,俄罗斯干预等新保守主义议程。

The United States presidency can be a very powerful force when backed up by both houses of Congress and also by a conservative Supreme Court.如果获得美国国会两院以及保守的最高法院的支持,美国担任总统职位将是一支非常强大的力量。 By the tail end of 2018, Trump, in just two years, had successfully dismantled most of Obama's legacy including the individual mandate of his signature Affordable Care Act.到XNUMX年年底,特朗普在短短两年内成功拆除了奥巴马的大部分遗产,包括他签署的《负担得起的医疗法案》的个人授权。 Trump's success is largely due to the fact that he can lie very effectively and label the opponents' outcries as “fake news” also very effectively.特朗普的成功很大程度上是因为他可以非常有效地撒谎,也可以非常有效地将对手的抗议声标记为“假新闻”。 Even the liberal media continue to present the甚至自由媒体也继续呈现 特朗普秀 而不是认真的政策讨论。


Trump's presidency has brought about unprecedented perpetual crises in Washington.特朗普的总统职位在华盛顿带来了前所未有的永久性危机。 Initially, it was North Korea's nuclear accomplishments and Trump's reaction to them.最初,这是北朝鲜的核成就以及特朗普对它​​们的反应。 Then later, the crisis question hovering over the capital was this one: Will Bob Mueller, the independent investigator of Russian interference in the 2018 election and its connection to the Trump campaign, be fired by Trump or be allowed to do his job and release his findings?然后,后来笼罩在首都的危机问题就是这个:俄罗斯干预XNUMX年大选及其与特朗普竞选活动的关系的独立调查员鲍勃·穆勒(Bob Mueller)将被特朗普解雇或被允许干他的工作并释放他的发现?

And, of course, other crises have followed;当然,其他危机也随之而来。 there is a crisis at the Southern border—inhumane treatment of children whose parents seek immigration.南部边界发生了危机-对父母寻求移民的儿童的不人道待遇。 That latest crisis is revitalizing racism and white supremacy in blatant terms, and almost the entire Republican Party seems to gleefully go along with it.最近的这场危机正以公然的方式振兴种族主义和白人至上主义,几乎整个共和党似乎都高兴地与之并驾齐驱。

我们正朝着真正的问题进行热烈回响,具体问题如下:自从共和党将所谓的 道德多数 into its base, there has been a conflict of values within the party.在党内,党内存在价值冲突。 Religion comes with values.宗教带有价值。 These religious values often sharply contradict the profit-oriented, often greed-based values of the traditional Republican base—the aristocrats and the plutocrats.这些宗教价值观经常与传统的共和党基础(贵族和富豪)的以利益为导向,通常以贪婪为基础的价值观相矛盾。

Republicans seemed to have been looking for a surreptitious way of giving up on values altogether.共和党人似乎一直在寻找一种完全放弃价值观的秘密方法。 In Trump and his dictatorial practices, the Republicans have found the solution to the value-conflict—rule by a populist dictator who can go against values with impunity by stoking his support base's prejudices and fears.在特朗普及其独裁统治中,共和党人找到了价值冲突的解决方案-民粹主义独裁者的统治可以通过挑起他的支持基础的偏见和恐惧而违背价值观而不受惩罚。

In this way, the ongoing crisis conditions Trump creates is exposing something deep.这样,特朗普制造的持续危机条件就暴露出了深刻的东西。 Clearly, there is something rotten about the United States right now—value-erosion.显然,美国现在有些烂透了—价值侵蚀。 We better look into this fast.我们最好快速调查一下。

In 2008-2009, it was the economic crisis caused by the same problem -- unbridled greed -- which is not an American value.在2020年至XNUMX年期间,正是由同样的问题引起的经济危机-肆无忌的贪婪-这不是美国的价值观。 The Bush and Obama administrations did not do anything to get to the root of the problem.布什政府和奥巴马政府没有采取任何措施来解决问题的根源。 They lost one window of opportunity.他们失去了一个机会之窗。 Now we have a second window of opportunity with the XNUMX election.现在,我们有了XNUMX年大选的第二个机会之窗。

The Chinese ideogram for the word crisis stands for both opportunity and danger.危机一词的中国表意文字既代表机遇,也代表危险。 Right now, Democratic politicians are only seeing danger in the crisis conditions that Trump creates.目前,民主党政客仅在特朗普制造的危机条件下看到危险。 Trump's incendiary rhetoric against his Democratic opponents and the liberal news media very well might have influenced the Republican terrorist, also a Trump supporter, who mailed pipe bombs to some of Trumps' “enemies” as well as the mass killing of Jews (a first in the United States) in Pittsburgh soon after.特朗普对他的民主党对手和自由派新闻媒体的煽动性言论很可能已经影响了共和党恐怖分子,这也是特朗普的支持者,他向特朗普的一些“敌人”邮寄了炸弹,并大规模杀害了犹太人( (美国)之后不久。

As in the case of the August 2019 white supremacist act of domestic terrorism in El Paso, the temple shootings could be directly traced to Trump's rhetoric.就像XNUMX年XNUMX月在埃尔帕索发生的白人至上主义家庭恐怖主义行为一样,圣殿枪击事件可能直接归因于特朗普的言辞。 But “hating” Trump as a response to his fear-mongering, fighting one negative emotion with another, is a short-term approach.但是,“憎恨”特朗普是对他的挑衅行为的回应,与一种负面情绪作斗争是一种短期方法。 Also, it keeps the focus on Trump.此外,它仍将重点放在特朗普身上。 Trump is much better at using negative emotions than any of his Democratic competition.特朗普比任何民主党候选人都更善于使用负面情绪。


For changing the show in the theater and also for a long-term outlook, we better look at the roots of the ongoing crisis of values of the great social institutions of the United States.为了改变剧院的演出以及长期的前景,我们最好看一下美国大社会机构持续的价值危机的根源。 Unnoticed by almost everyone, there is an ongoing crisis also in liberal education in schools.几乎每个人都没有注意到,学校的通识教育也存在持续的危机。 Oh, we notice the short-term problems: crowded classrooms, lack of motivated and talented teachers, teachers' unions maintaining the status quo of mediocrity, and all that.哦,我们注意到了短期的问题:教室拥挤,缺乏上进心和才干的教师,维持平庸现状的教师工会等等。 But do you know that liberal education in America is not liberal anymore?但是你知道美国的自由教育不再是自由的吗? It does not liberate students from dogma.它不会使学生摆脱教条。 It shifts them from the religious / Christian dogma to another, the dogma of scientific materialism.它将他们从宗教/基督教教条转移到另一种科学唯物主义的教条。 And by doing so, it contributes to value erosion in a major way.通过这样做,它在很大程度上削弱了价值。

In contrast, the Republican leaders siding with their religious base are anti-science and anti higher education.相反,坚持宗教信仰的共和党领导人是反科学和反高等教育。 They push school vouchers that shift students from public schools to private more religiously-oriented schools.他们推出了教育券,将学生从公立学校转移到更多以宗教为导向的私立学校。 All this from purely political motive, mind you, to pay lip service to the party's religious base.请注意,所有这些都是出于纯粹的政治动机,为党的宗教基础提供口头服务。

In this way, there is a new lower education/higher education diploma-divide in society.这样,社会上就有了一个新的低等/高等教育文凭文凭。 People of higher education get better jobs;受过高等教育的人获得更好的工作; under Democrats who support big government, they manage the big government bureaucracy.在支持大政府的民主党人的领导下,他们管理大政府的官僚机构。 This has exacerbated another enemy of democracy—elitism.这加剧了民主的另一个敌人-精英主义。

Traditionally, the Republicans were the elitist party consisting of aristocrats and business plutocrats.传统上,共和党是由贵族和商业富豪组成的精英党。 But now Democrats have also become an elitist party consisting of meritocrats, the higher educated scientific materialists.但是现在,民主党人也已经成为由精英,高学历的科学唯物主义者组成的精英党。

What is worse, the Democrats also are rapidly becoming hypocrites as far as values are concerned.更糟糕的是,就价值观而言,民主党人也迅速成为伪君子。 Scientific materialism, belief in a science of matter governing humans, does not support values beyond basic survival.科学唯物主义信仰人类的科学,并不支持超越基本生存的价值观。 Democratic leaders talk about humanistic values;民主领袖谈论人文价值观。 they know fully well that their science does not support these values.他们非常清楚自己的科学不支持这些价值观。 In this way, Democrats, too, more and more pay only lip service to values.这样,民主党人也越来越多地为价值观付出了口头服务。

Political polarization has gone so far that the whole business of the separation of powers in the US Constitution has fallen into jeopardy.政治两极分化已经到了极致,以至于美国宪法中三权分立的整个事务都陷入了危险之中。 The legislature has no operating room unless the same party gets control of both houses of Congress, which has seldom occurred in recent years.立法机关没有手术室,除非同一方获得国会两院的控制权,这在最近几年很少发生。 In this way, the executive branch rules via temporary executive orders.这样,行政部门通过临时行政命令进行统治。


Meanwhile, the leadership of both parties neither seems to know nor care that a paradigm shift has been under way since 1925-26 with the discovery of quantum physics that has thrown the paradigm based on scientific materialism out the window by integrating science and spirituality, thereby making room for an integration of the materialist and religious worldviews.同时,双方的领导人似乎既不知道也不关心自XNUMX-XNUMX年以来范式转变一直在进行,量子物理学的发现通过整合科学和灵性将基于科学唯物主义的范式抛到了窗外,从而为整合唯物主义和宗教世界观创造空间。 Why?为什么? Because the mainstream scientists kept mum about the paradigm shift or denied it outright with sophistry not because of scientific evidence but because of their dogmatic beliefs.因为主流科学家一直对范式转换保持沉默或以诡辩的方式完全否认它,这不是因为科学证据,而是因为他们的教条主义信念。 This is the big secret of today's science.这是当今科学的重大秘密。

And of course, current religious practices including Christianity do not necessarily subscribe to the spiritual values that quantum science is rediscovering.当然,包括基督教在内的当前宗教习俗不一定符合量子科学正在重新发现的精神价值。 With regard to spiritual values, religious leaders in the main are talkers rather than walkers.关于精神价值,主要的宗教领袖是说话者而不是步行者。 It has always been this way.一直都是这种方式。 This is the big secret of the religions.这是宗教的大秘密。


In summary, the biggest threats against democracy are elitism, the erosion of values, and political polarization based not upon principles but power struggle.总而言之,对民主的最大威胁是精英主义,价值观念的侵蚀以及政治上的两极分化,而这并非基于原则,而是基于权力斗争。 Under a worldview polarization between religion and materialist science, the political parties affiliate with one or the other perspective.在宗教与唯物主义科学之间的世界观两极分化下,各政党隶属于一种或另一种观点。 Neither party walks the talk as far as values are concerned.就价值观而言,任何一方都没有谈得过。

All political parties—liberal or conservative--are elitist.所有政党-自由派或保守派-都是精英主义者。 In this way, politics has become elitist and value-less with political parties struggling tooth-and-nail for power all over the world.这样,政治已成为精英主义和无价值的,各政党在全世界范围内为权力而斗争。 These conditions are not sustainable;这些条件是不可持续的; this struggle will inevitably create a situation like the French Revolution in the eighteenth century.这场斗争将不可避免地造成类似XNUMX世纪法国大革命的局势。 那才是真正的危机.

There is an additional tragic side to all this in the US;在美国,所有这一切还有另外一个悲剧性的方面。 people here are legally allowed to have guns, including semiautomatic assault weapons.法律允许这里的人拥有枪支,包括半自动攻击武器。 At a May 2019 political rally in Panama City Beach in Florida, Trump trying to incite hate towards Latinos amongst the crowd, which included white supremacists, bellowed, “How do you stop these people?”在XNUMX年XNUMX月在佛罗里达州巴拿马城海​​滩举行的政治集会上,特朗普试图在人群中激起对拉美裔的仇恨,其中包括白人至上主义者,大吼道:``你如何制止这些人?'' Somebody shouted back, “Shoot them.”有人喊道,“把他们射死。” The mostly white crowd cheered, Trump laughed, and a young white supremacist a few months later did carry out that message in El Paso.多数白人人群欢呼雀跃,特朗普大笑,几个月后,一位年轻的白人至上主义者在埃尔帕索(El Paso)传达了这一信息。

Is there a cause-effect connection between Trump and the killer?特朗普与凶手之间是否存在因果关系? One can hide behind, “guns don't kill, ideas don't kill, people kill.”一个人可以躲在后面,“枪不杀人,思想不杀人,人杀人”。 But ideas do kill;但是,想法确实会杀死人。 over sixty million people got killed because of ideas similar to white supremacy in World War II.由于类似于第二次世界大战中白人至上的思想,超过六千万人被杀。

Domestic terrorism and the terrorism at large prevalent today are both a terrorism of ideas;家庭恐怖主义和当今普遍存在的恐怖主义都是思想恐怖主义。 don't doubt it.不用怀疑。 There is something rotten about the two worldviews that people live by today and the way politicians manipulate people's worldview prejudices.人们今天生活的两种世界观以及政治人物操纵人们的世界观偏见的方式都有些烂。


幸运的是有一个 真实 solution.解。 Worldview integration is underway based on quantum physics and its generalization—quantum science.基于量子物理学及其广义化-量子科学的世界观整合正在进行中。 In this worldview, values are scientific, evidence-based.在这种世界观中,价值观是科学的,基于证据的。 Elitism vanishes at the personal level, when our political leaders walk these values, following the new science of leadership.当我们的政治领导人遵循新的领导科学方法时,精英主义在个人层面上消失了。


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Amit Goswami博士

量子政治:拯救民主,作者阿米特·高斯瓦米(Amit Goswami)博士我们的民主是建立在使所有公民平等享有生活,自由和幸福的人类潜力的理想之上的。 今天,在特朗普的美国,我们离理想还很遥远。 本书既考虑了短期的政治问题,即价值观念的侵蚀,精英主义和世界观的分化,当然也考虑了特朗普主义,以及长期的问题,即如何使政治成为使社会公平的一门真正的科学。 量子政治 uses the new science and demonstrates that democracy is the only scientific way of governing a nation.使用新科学并证明民主是治国的唯一科学方法。 The key is to bring human values and creativity into the picture and combine the exploration of power with the exploration of love.关键是将人的价值观和创造力带入画面,并将对力量的探索与对爱情的探索结合起来。 In this way, we can integrate the values in our society with every human being.这样,我们可以将我们社会中的价值观与每个人融为一体。

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Amit Goswami博士阿米特·高斯瓦米(Amit Goswami)是一位退休的物理学教授。 他是叛逆科学家团体中的一位革命者,近年来,他们冒险进入精神领域,以试图解释好奇实验中似乎莫名其妙的发现,并验证关于人类精神层面存在的直觉。生活。 高斯瓦米(Goswami)博士是一位多产的作家,老师和有远见的医生,他曾出现在电影中 我们知道什么Bleep !!达赖喇嘛复兴以及屡获殊荣的纪录片 量子活动家。 He is the author of numerous books, most notably: The Self-Aware Universe, Physics of the Soul, The Quantum Doctor, God is Not Dead, Quantum Creativity, Quantum Spirituality, and The Everything Answer Book.他是许多著作的作者,最著名的是:《自我意识的宇宙》,《灵魂的物理学》,《量子医生》,《上帝没有死》,《量子创造力》,《量子灵性》和《万物问答》。 He was featured in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, and the documentaries Dalai Lama Renaissance and The Quantum Activist.他曾在电影《我们知道什么是盲人!》以及纪录片《达赖喇嘛文艺复兴》和《量子活动家》中饰演。 Amit is a spiritual practitioner and calls himself a quantum activist in search of Wholeness.阿米特(Amit)是一位精神修炼者,自称为量子活动家以追求整体性。 For more information, visit有关更多信息,请访问 www.amitgoswami.org 

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