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5D人类是凭着自己的智慧生活的。 They feel fully empowered and emit unconditional love and non-judgment for themselves and all others.他们感到完全有能力,并且对自己和其他所有人发出无条件的爱和不审判。 From 5D consciousness, we know we are interconnected with all of Creation.从5D意识中,我们知道我们与所有创造物相互联系。 We live in vibrancy and joyfulness, with ongoing access to unbridled creativity.我们生活在充满活力和欢乐中,并不断获得无限的创造力。 This allows all beings to thrive!这使所有生物得以繁衍!

However, over the last 12,000 years or so, most people on the planet have lost their ability to connect with this.但是,在过去的20年左右的时间里,地球上的大多数人都失去了与此联系的能力。 We have ended up operating on less than 10% of our full power;我们最终只能以不到12%的全力运行; we have shut down XNUMX out of the XNUMX strands of our DNA and thrust ourselves into separation consciousness, filling our beautiful planet with cruelty, violence, and suffering.我们已经关闭了XNUMX条DNA中的XNUMX条,并将自己置于分离意识中,使我们美丽的星球充满了残酷,暴力和痛苦。

When we collectively shut our gifts down, we lost the ability to consciously create our reality, and thus we found ourselves living in a painful world, no longer self-sovereign beings.当我们集体关闭礼物时,我们失去了有意识地创造自己的现实的能力,因此我们发现自己生活在一个痛苦的世界中,不再是自主权。 Now is the time to reverse this.现在是扭转这种情况的时候了。 Now is the time to step into our 5D frequency and embody our 5th dimensional nature.现在是时候进入我们的XNUMXD频率并体现我们的XNUMX维尺寸本性了。 The more we do this, the less we can tolerate suffering of any kind, be it our own, that of other humans, or the suffering we have imposed on Mother Earth.我们做得越多,我们所忍受的任何形式的苦难就越少,无论是我们自己,其他人类的苦难,还是我们对地球母亲造成的苦难。


As we re-activate our multidimensional DNA codes, we reclaim our lost gifts which include highly developed empathic and psychic abilities, and we learn to step fully into co-creating our lives with the Divine force of the Universe.当我们重新激活多维DNA代码时,我们会收回丢失的礼物,其中包括高度发展的同理心和心理能力,并且我们学会充分迈入与宇宙的神圣力量共同创造我们的生活。 Understanding our multidimensionality gives us access to the workings of our Universe, so we understand how the material world is formed and therefore can create a higher vibrational world on our planet, much like the ancient Atlanteans did at the peak of their civilization.了解我们的多维性使我们能够接触到宇宙的运作方式,因此我们了解了物质世界的形成方式,因此可以在我们的星球上创建一个更高的振动世界,就像古代亚特兰提斯人在其文明鼎盛时期所做的那样。

Our old world is dying.我们的旧世界快要死了。 We can no longer tolerate the imbalance, which was created when the patriarchy banished the Sacred Feminine.我们再也不能容忍这种不平衡,这种不平衡是在父权制驱逐了神圣女性时造成的。 All of us are being touched by the current transformative energy of death and rebirth.当前,死亡和重生的变革能量感动着我们所有人。 How we deal with these energies is key.我们如何处理这些能量是关键。 Raising our frequency, ie, the speed at which our cells vibrate, allows us to collectively hold an enlightened consciousness to birth New Earth, to usher in a new Golden Age.提高频率,即细胞振动的速度,使我们能够集体掌握开明新地球诞生的意识,以迎接新的黄金时代。 But reclaiming this ability is no easy task.但是,要恢复这种能力并非易事。


This psycho-spiritual process of raising our frequency, of becoming the 5D humans we are meant to be, is complex and challenging.这种提高我们的频率,成为我们注定要成为4D人类的心理精神过程既复杂又具有挑战性。 The journey includes healing our emotional wounds.旅程包括治愈我们的情感创伤。 It also includes the ongoing process of identifying and integrating our personal and collective shadow in order to keep our emotional energy field clear.它还包括识别和整合我们的个人和集体阴影的持续过程,以保持我们的情感能量场清晰。 This is necessary so higher dimensional portals can remain open and we do not get stuck in duality in XNUMXD.这是必要的,因此高维门户可以保持开放,并且我们不会陷入XNUMXD的双重性。

Victim consciousness sprang up on our planet since the dimensional descent, the real story behind the biblical Fall (and not Eve's fault!), so it is rare to not be traumatized.自从尺寸下降以来,受害人的意识在我们的星球上如雨后春笋般涌现,这是圣经《堕落》背后的真实故事(而不是夏娃的错!),因此很少遭受创伤。 Healing those traumas, which can include our experiences in this lifetime, other lifetimes, and ancestral pain, can clearly be a daunting task, but truly one that we are ready to take on.治愈那些创伤,包括我们在这一生中的经历,其他世代和祖先的痛苦,显然是一项艰巨的任务,但确实是我们准备承担的任务。



This transition is also asking us to let go of all that is familiar as we enter uncharted territory.这种过渡还要求我们放开进入未知领域的所有熟悉的事物。 And one of the natural 3D human responses to entering the unknown is fear.而人类对进入未知世界的自然XNUMXD反应之一就是恐惧。 When we make choices from this fear, consciously or unconsciously, we resist the changes necessary to allow the old world to die away gracefully and the new one to birth with ease.当我们有意识或无意识地从这种恐惧中做出选择时,我们会抵制必要的改变,以使旧世界优雅地消失,而新世界轻松地诞生。 If we don't identify this fear and resistance within us, we will see it reflected in our outer world.如果我们在内部没有发现这种恐惧和抵制,我们将看到它反映在我们的外部世界中。

And so we see this right now.因此,我们现在看到了这一点。 Light is shining into our collective shadow, bringing it to the surface.光正在照进我们的集体阴影,将其带到表面。 All the repressed anger, dysfunction, and hatred has bubbled up.所有被压抑的愤怒,功能障碍和仇恨都已冒出。 It is showing us the suffering and brutality caused by our fear of “the other.”它向我们展示了我们对“另一个”的恐惧所造成的痛苦和残酷。


It is time to own up to this dark underbelly of our country, to name it, to apologize for it, to create a new structure where these atrocities will be both acknowledged and never again occur.现在是时候让我们拥有这个黑暗的肋骨,为它命名,为它道歉,创建一个新的结构,使这些暴行既得到承认,也不会再发生。 It is concurrently time to own up to our inner dark underbelly in order to heal our emotional wounds, awaken our multidimensional consciousness, and step into our multidimensional potential in order to create a spiritually awakened planet.现在是同时拥有我们内在的黑暗腹部,以治愈我们的情感创伤,唤醒我们的多维意识,并踏入我们的多维潜力以创建一个精神上唤醒的星球的时候。


Our journey eases as we learn to go easy on ourselves, to unconditionally love ourselves, shadow and all.当我们学会对自己放松,无条件地爱自己,阴影和一切时,我们的旅程就会轻松。 This is what keeps our shadow from getting projected out and harming others.这就是使我们的影子不被投射出来并伤害他人的原因。 The journey also eases as we accept and learn to deal with our inner resistances to change.当我们接受并学会应对改变的内在阻力时,旅程也会轻松。 We have been conditioned from birth to believe in our limitations and, ultimately, our powerlessness.我们从出生就开始受到条件的束缚,坚信自己的局限性以及最终的无能为力。 We have been trained to see only a very small portion of reality.我们受过训练,只能看到很小一部分的现实。 As we awaken, we will find parts of ourselves resisting this new enlightened way of life.当我们醒来时,我们会发现自己的某些部分正在抵制这种开明的新生活方式。 Learning how to deal with these parts as they arise will quicken our journey and make it far more enjoyable.学习如何处理这些出现的部分将加快我们的旅程,并使之更加有趣。

We also need to activate and empower our visions of how beautiful and loving our planet can be.我们还需要激活并增强我们对我们的星球多么美丽和充满爱的愿景。 Let yourself create these and see our planet filled with loving, spiritually awakened people;让自己创造这些东西,看看我们的星球充满了充满爱心,在精神上觉醒的人; a planet filled with 5D humans.一个充满XNUMXD人类的星球。 Let images of what it will be like when enough of us open our hearts and consistently honor our interconnectedness with each other, with all beings and with Mother Earth.让我们想象一下,当我们足够的人敞开心胸,并始终如一地尊重彼此之间,与众生之间以及与大地母亲之间的相互联系时的景象。

Imagine that every single person on the planet has their basic needs met, that resources are fairly shared and we all can live in comfort, peacefulness, and beauty.想象一下,地球上的每个人都有基本的需求得到满足,资源被公平地共享,我们所有人都可以生活在舒适,和平与美丽的环境中。 See that every child born is welcomed, appreciated, and nurtured.看到每个出生的孩子都受到欢迎,赞赏和培养。 Imagine each and every person being honored for the contribution they are here to make, whether something as simple as creating a beautiful garden or as grand as creating energy tools to heal all diseases that might arise.想象每个人在这里所做的贡献而感到荣幸,无论是创建一个美丽的花园之类的简单事情,还是创建能够治愈所有可能疾病的能源工具之类的宏伟壮举。

Give your imagination free reign.给您的想象力自由统治。 Remember we have been programmed to believe such a world is impossible, so when your doubts show up, remind yourself that there is a much, much larger reality than you have been raised to believe.请记住,我们已经被编程为相信这样一个世界是不可能的,所以当您的疑惑出现时,提醒自己,存在着一个比被培养相信还要大得多的现实。 Keep paying attention to your heart, allowing the energy of that heart love to continually expand.继续关注您的心脏,让那颗内心的爱不断地膨胀。 Bathe yourself in this love and ultimately send to all beings on our planet.在这种爱中沐浴自己,并最终送给我们星球上的所有人。


We are ready to activate those dormant DNA codes.我们准备激活这些休眠的DNA代码。 We are ready to release the pain, suffering, and limitation and to create the life and the planet of our dreams.我们准备释放痛苦,痛苦和局限,并创造生活和梦想的星球。

We are ready to stop living from the constraints of our minds and start living from the wisdom of our hearts.我们准备停止摆脱思维的束缚,开始摆脱内心的智慧。 As we do this, life begins to shift both incrementally and monumentally, and together we birth New Earth, the planet we all deserve to live on.当我们这样做时,生活开始逐渐地和巨大地变化,我们共同诞生了新地球,这是我们所有人都应赖以生存的星球。


  1. 是什么让您对我们星球上当前正在发生的变化和挑战感到兴奋,而让您感到恐惧的是什么?

  2. 您通常如何应对恐惧和变化?

  3. 有哪些旧的信念和有条件的回应使您无法完全相信我们可以将这个世界变成一生一世的和平,公正和充满爱心的地方?

  4. What does New Earth look like to you?新地球对您来说是什么样? Can you see thriving, loving communities?您能看到欣欣向荣的社区吗? How would it feel to live on such a planet?在这样的星球上生活会有什么样的感觉?

  5. What gifts, talents, and/or interests do you have that contribute to this transformation?您有哪些天赋,才能和/或兴趣促成这一转变? Are you ready to share those with the world?您准备好与世界分享这些内容了吗? If not, what steps do you need to take to become more ready?如果不是,您需要采取什么步骤来做好准备?

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激活5D频率:朱迪思·科文·布莱克本(Judith Corvin-Blackburn)的《迈向更高维度的旅程》指南我们正处于一个伟大的过渡时期。 更高频率的光正泛滥在我们的星球上,唤醒了许多人,以唤回我们作为五维人类的本性。 作为5D人类,我们发自内心的智慧,团结意识,无条件的爱和无限的创造力。 5D人类具有高度共鸣,心灵感应,千里眼和千里眼的内在感觉,这些特质在我们经历这种维度转变时向许多人开放。 尽管这一旅程令人兴奋,但它的需求却是压倒性的。 在这份激活5D潜在潜伏在我们DNA中的动手指南中,朱迪思·科文·布莱克本(Judith Corvin-Blackburn)向我们展示了如何驾驭升华过程,包括如何处理情绪,阻力和恐惧并欢迎我们的5D频率。

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